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Hardigg Cases

Hardigg Cases

Hardigg Cases
Hardigg Cases:
Lone Star Aviation has been providing HARDIGG CASES to our customer base in aviation, land-mobile, marine and military markets for many years. The Hardigg case features some of the most advanced packaging technologies available today with leading edge innovations in plastic engineering, cushioning and shock mount technology. For over a half a century Hardigg Cases has assured the ultimate protection of sensitive and valuable equipment in countless aviation, land-mobile, marine and military applications.
Through thousands of military deployments in extreme environmental conditions Hardigg cases have endured and continued to perform beyond their intended levels. To ensure that computerized equipment arrives intact, military users require their reusable transport cases to be extremely rugged, perfectly engineered, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, and chemical-resistant . Hardigg’s reusable plastic containers are the ideal solution. Hardigg’s rigorous testing and continual improvement process assures that Hardigg cases can take severe punishment. When you need long-term reliability and rugged performance… Hardigg from Lone Star Aviation.
• Military Specifications: MIL-STD 2071, ASTM 4169
• Field Tested: Military, FEMA
• Watertight, Heat Resistant-Protected in any environment
• Lightweight, Tough shell-Fewer shipping restrictions
• Mold-in Hardware attachments, accessories, loading handles.
• Hardware: Corrosion Resistant
• Rib construction: Stronger design, stackable, stable during shipping.
• GSA Contract Number GS-15F0019M
Case Types:
• Laptop, multi-laptop
• Printer, Fax, accessories
• Footlocker, Large Footlocker
• Amin Desk, Field Desk, Bookshelf
• Workstation cases
• Aluminum Electronics cases
• Custom Electronics, Panels, Power supplies
• Radio, Remote Control
• SIM trainers: C-5000,
• Technisonics TDFM-136, TDFM -138
Part Number Hardigg
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