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Lone Star Aviation :: DC/DC Converters :: Multi-Volt DC Converter

Multi-Volt DC Converter

Multi-Volt DC Converter

Multi-Volt DC Converter
Lone Star Aviationís new Multi-VOLT dc converter was designed to operate lower current devices in a ruggedized airborne environment. Designed for multiple voltage inputs, i.e. 12 and 24 volt aircraft, rotor-craft, military charging stations, vehicles, marine applications as well as industrial PED applications.

The Multi-VOLT is capable of operating (3) individual outputs to 2 amps per output in a COTS package for off the shelf availability. The output voltages range from 3.0, 5.0, 7.5, 9.0, 12, 13.8, 16.0, and 19 volts that will operate hundreds of consumer items, pilot electronic gear and military devices needed in a mission critical airborne application.

The devices listed were applications from customers over the last 12 months, i.e. iPadís, iPhone, iPod, see LS03-05050A, LCD, LED monitors, speakers, fans, blower, Samsung, Motorola smart phones, tables, laptopís, chargers, cameraís, GPS, aircraft tracking, satellite phones, led systems, led cargo lights, led interior lights, power adapter, (cigarette lighter) devices and RF portable radios.

The LS03-05005 has been TESTED under DO160G and will be FAA TSO approved in 2017. If you have a new application email engineering for an evaluation unit.

Includes LS03-05029 D-sub, 9-pin Connector kit

Part Number LS03-05005
Our Price: $249.95

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