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Lone Star Aviation :: DC/DC Converters :: Power Adapter & USB Kit for iPad

Power Adapter & USB Kit for iPad

Power Adapter & USB Kit for iPad

Power Adapter USB Socket. Just Plug in your USB socket into your Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter and get 5 volt USB power out. Perfect for charging cell phones, iPads, iPods, GPS, PDA, Laptop and many consumer electronic devices. This is a kit that comes with a FAA-TSO Approved Cigarette lighter power adapter and plug-in USB 5V converter.

12V AIRCRAFT: If your aircraft runs on 12V you will not need any extra equipment to operate 12V equipment with your Power Adpater, and it comes with a rubber cap marked as DC12V.

28V AIRCRAFT: Please note, the USB Plug is able to converter 28V input into 5V USB output without additional equipment.  However, In order to power most 12 volt consumer electronic devices you will need a Converter to get 12V output. Lone Star Aviation has two great models to choose from, either can be easily added to your order.

We also offer as an option a cap marked as DC28V, for customers who wish to utilize the USB charging feature in their 28V aircraft without the option of powering 12V equipment.  If this is the case for you, please note this by selecting the 28V model in the drop down menu.

For more information on either converter please click the links below:

LS03-05001 10A Down Converter

LS03-05003-138 6A Down Converter

Part Number LS03-05025-USB
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our Price: $175.95
Choose Voltage to Select Approprialy Marked Cap

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