Price Changes

Our new prices are in effect as of August 1, 2015. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions.

USB Power Converter Plug

   The LS03-05021 USB Plug is Lone Star Aviation’s NEW (Power USB Plug) designed for ruggedized markets, i.e. aircraft, rotor-craft, …Read More

Fan Failure Warning System

The Fan Failure Warning system (FFW) is a dual function TACH and Thermistor circuit, designed to monitor the TACH output signal from a dc motor and an …Read More

DC Bulk-Head Filter (LMH) Noise LS03-01040

Feed through filters offer a high insertion loss across a broad band of frequencies from a few tens of kHz up to the GHz region. In general, feed …Read More

FAA-TSO iPad USB Charger Kit

The LS03-05105 MS-USB iPad Charging Kit is a panel mounted MS- Mil C-26482 USB charging port that ispowered by Lone Star Aviation’s FAA-TSO …Read More

Aircraft Altitude Switches

Lone Star Aviation's new line of Altitude switches are made with high quality materials to exacting specifications to ensure that they do the right …Read More


GARMIN ANNOUNCES NEW PRODUCTS.And Lone Star Aviation is the perfect partner for Docking Stations for training and display purposes. Please Follow …Read More


Lone Star Aviation Just Received TSO Approval on their Power Adapter/Cigarette Lighter Receptacle.  Now it's finally possible to charge laptops, …Read More

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