Lone Star Aviation Just Received TSO Approval on their Power Adapter/Cigarette Lighter Receptacle.  Now it's finally possible to charge laptops, …Read More

NEW PMA 1 Port Blower

Lone Star Aviation’s NEW 1 Port Blower (LS03-02040 & LS03-02041) is the smallest (1 x 2 x 2), most efficient (brushless DC motor), and …Read More

NEW Ground Loop Filter

Lone Star Aviation's new Ground Loop Filter was designed to ELIMINATE on-board ground loop noise problems in an easy to use module. The Ground Loop …Read More

NEW Silicone & Neoprene Ducting

Lone Star Aviation’s MIL – STD compliant DUCTING product line is a direct equivalent for (1 or 2) ply silicone and neoprene ducting for …Read More

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