NEW Ground Loop Filter

Lone Star Aviation's new Ground Loop Filter was designed to ELIMINATE on-board ground loop noise problems in an easy to use module. The Ground Loop Audio Filter plugs between your portable handheld device, I.e. Ipod, Ipad, iphone, radio, laptop, camera, video camera, GPS, cell phone, hand-held radio and your aircraft's audio system. The (Ground Loop Filter) was designed with a high reliability isolation audio transformers that isolates normal audio from unbalanced ac noise interference. The (Ground Loop Filter) audio filter was designed with connectors (RCA, 2.5mm, 3.5mm) for compatibility with hundreds of consumer devices used on board aircraft.
  • Eliminates Ground Loop buzz, hum, hiss and static audio noise.
  • Audio Connectors: RCA (L,R), 2.5, 3.5mm inputs
  • Meets MIL-T-27E for (audio parameters)
  • Audio Range: 300Hz to 100KHz 
  • Audio transformers: MIL-T-27E High Reliability
  • Enclosure: Black ABS Plastic 
  • Universal Mounting Bracket: (2)(mt)(h)
  • Operating Temp: - 55C to +70C
  • Light Weight: 55 grams, 0.12 lbs.
  • Ultra-Small Size: 1.15"H x 1.50"W x 3.00"L
  • Easy Plug and Play Installation
  • Portable device
  • 1 year Limited Warranty


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