FAA-TSO iPad USB Charger Kit

ms-usb ipad charger

The LS03-05105 MS-USB iPad Charging Kit is a panel mounted MS- Mil C-26482 USB charging port that is
powered by Lone Star Aviation’s FAA-TSO approved 24 vdc to 5 vdc converter.

The MS-USB charger is designed for iPads, iPhones or other USB powered devices with the ability to charge and operate up to two MS-USB ports in an Aircraft or Rotorcraft.

Lone Star Aviation’s MS-USB charging circuitry is designed to meet or exceed Apple’s specifications for charging the iPad, iPhone devices.


Lone Star's MS-USB Kit meets the following:

  • FAA AC 20-173:  Installation of EFB Components and Power Sources
  • FAA AC 120-76B:  Operational use of EFBs
  • FAA AC 91-78:  Use of Class I or II EFBs

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