DC Bulk-Head Filter (LMH) Noise LS03-01040

Feed through filters offer a high insertion loss

across a broad band of frequencies from a few

tens of kHz up to the GHz region. In general,

feed through filters offer a higher level of EMI

suppression than feed through capacitors of the

same current rating.

This is particularly relevant to applications where

source impedance is smaller than 50Ω. Different

versions are available offering a wide selection on

operating currents and performance levels. DC

feedthrough filters are designed and approved

for 14, 28 vdc aircraft, rotor craft, military vehicles. 


Features and benefits:

  • Very low internal series inductance.

  • Very high self-resonant frequency.

  • Self-healing dielectric.

  • High quality and reliability.

  • Through-bulkhead mounting.

  • Anti-twist protection.

  • Small Size, weight 69g

  • 32 amps


    Typical applications:

  • Power line filter for 14/28VDC voltage systems.

  • Increasing MFD GPS system integrity.

  • Radio, GPS, Moving Map, Flat Screen

  • Remote base stations, Tower control panels

  • RF, GPS, EFB device voltage stabilizer

  • Computers EFB, iPad, Laptops, EFBs

  • UPS power supplies, dc converters

  • Airborne Medical equipment



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