Fan Failure Warning System

The Fan Failure Warning system (FFW) is a dual function TACH and Thermistor circuit, designed to monitor the TACH output signal from a dc motor and an optional remote temperature monitoring sensor.  When the fan is functioning normally a panel mounted dual color LED indicator will indicate Green. If the blower falls below a preset RPM, the circuit will indicate Red for the warning status.  The optional circuit for the remote monitoring temperature sensor is designed to monitor the temperature then switch on additional fans in avionics, electronics racks, entertainment or computer equipment.   The (FFW) circuit will activate related blowers at a predetermined temperature (90F), so that avionics and or onboard electronics will avoid an overheating condition.  


Part Number:  LS03-02070 

  1. Fan Failure Circuit and TACH output

  2. Input Voltage Range: (10-50vdc) 13.8, 28vdc aircraft systems.

  3. TAC output form (FAN) to FFW System and LED, G/R indicator-panel.

  4. Circuit Protection ( OV, OC, RP, SC)

  5. Connector:  15 Pin db-D-SUB

  6. SIZE Mechanical: Alum. Enclosure 2.13 W x .935 H x L 1.60 (TBD)

  7. Gold anodized

  8. Weight:  66 grams

  9. Operating Temp: -55C to +85C

  10. Altitude: 30,000ft.

  11. Humidity: 5% to 95%

  12. Vibration: Section 8, Category S, Test Curve M.

  13. Label:  Markings

  14. RTCA- DO-160F Test Report -pending

  15. Designed for LSA Cyclone -21 Blower or other 5V TTL compatible systems.



    Part Number:   LS03-07109-28

    Description: LED Panel indicator: Dual Color

  1. LED Panel indicator:   .468  cut out for panel mounting

  2. Dual Color – (3) wire Red led 660nm, grn led 525nm = 20ma

  3. Wide angle

Part Number: LS03-02150 (Optional Circuit)

Description:  Thermistor, (VAR) (voltage)

  1. Secondary Circuit – (daughter board PCB)

  2. Thermocouple, harness – 20-30 feet  max.

  3. Db d-sub output to avionics, cabinet fans.

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