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Lone Star Aviation

Lone Star Aviation, Inc. is a Corporation chartered in the State of Texas since October 24, 1990.  The company has been of service to the aviation community, designing, manufacturing, and delivering FAA-PMA approved parts and related equipment to all facets of the aviation community. Lone Star Aviation aircraft parts are thoroughly tested at the company level in addition to outside testing laboratories under the current RTCA DO160D/E, TSO (MPS) for stringent environmental requirements and testing parameters. The majority of our products are FAA-PMA, TSO, TC and or STC approved and have a history of success with OEM aircraft and rotor-craft manufacturers world-wide.     

Our Certifications

Lone Star Aviation quality assurance programs incorporates an FAA F.I.S.  ( Fabrication and inspection system) regulated under the current CFR 14, PART 21 for quality standards for airborne parts manufacturing. Lone Star Aviation has in addition to the PART 21 regulations adopted aggressively the majority of initiatives and methodologies for the current AS9100, EN9100, SJAC9100 quality standards used across the global aerospace community. 

Lone Star Aviation outside testing laboratories tests to RTCA DO160D/E, TSO (MPS) for stringent airborne environmental conditions to ensure mission survivability.



Our Services

  • New Product Lines for 2015
  • New markets, land-mobile, military
  • 1 Day Delivery, most items
  • Innovative Designs, light weight
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Product Design Services
  • AutoCAD, 3DCAD, Schematics
  • Reverse Engineering Programs
  • Efficient Manufacturing Practices
  • Private Label Design & Manufacturing
  • Discontinued Parts Service
  • Dealer: New product Ideas
  • DER, DAR, DARF Services
  • Testing Laboratory Services

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